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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

FossilForce Diatomaceous Earth is “Food Grade”, the highest possible grade, mined from pure sources and is safe for indoor and outdoor use.  FossilForce contains no impurities and is completely safe for people, pets and the environment.  If your pet ingests FossilForce do not worry, our product is 100% Organic Food Grade.

About DE (Diatomaceous Earth): Diatomaceous earth, also known as DE powder,is comprised of the microscopic exoskeletons of single celled oceanic plant and plankton.  These fossilized “diatoms” are mined from numerous pure and non-pure sources.  The type, source and purity of the DE determine the “grade” of the powder.  The majority of DE mined is non-pure and used only in industrial applications, mainly in swimming pool filtration systems.  Industrial grade DE should never be used in the home or yard due to impurities it may contain which could result in possible health and environmental hazards.


FossilForce (Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth)
Directions for Use:

On Your Pet:Massage FossilForce gently throughout your pet’s coat, being careful around the eyes. Application can be repeated as necessary.

In the Home:  Using FossilForce, dust bedding, carpet, baseboards and any furniture the pets lay on or come in contact with.  Allow powder to remain as long as possible for maximum results. Clean and/or vacuum as usual. Powder residue is harmless.  Repeat as needed. One pound covers approximately 2000 square feet.

In the Yard:  Liberally dust your yard with FossilForce.  Pay special attention to your pets “play and bathroom” areas.  Repeat often during warmer weather.  A fresh dusting should be done after rainy weather or windy conditions.  One pound covers approximately 2000 square feet.

Application methods and tips
When applying FossilForce DE we recommend Dry Application Method Using a small flour sifter or similiar device and apply a fairly thick (1/8" deep 1 1/2" wide) dusting barrier around baseboards, furniture legs and corners with a light dusting on area carpet and bedding areas. We also suggest you wear a dust mask, gloves and eye protection during application.

Dry Application-Dust the affected area with FossilForce DE at 10 oz. to 16 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.  You can use any shaker style container such as a salt shaker or pizza cheese shaker, puffer type powder applicator or empty squeeze type container such as those that mustard/ketchup comes in.  Some people apply by placing DE powder in an old panty hose foot and shaking a light dusting of powder over surfaces being treated.
Sprayer Application-Mix with water at the rate of 4 oz. per quart of water (one oz. is about 16 level teaspoons). To help keep it in suspension, add one teaspoon of mild detergent and agitate the sprayer periodically while applying.
Large Area Outdoor Application-Use any hand applicator (available at your local hardware store) designed for the purpose of discharging powder. If using a small lawn fertilizer spreader, mix equal parts of dry sand with FossilForce DE for even flow. Dust thoroughly the first time, reapply periodically as needed.
Plants- Use FossilForce DE on fruits, vegetables, flowers and grass.  Use dry application method on dampened plants for best results.  Reapply after a rain.
General Application –Use dry or sprayer application method paying special attention to cracks and crevices, under kitchen appliances. Be sure to treat around sinks and drain pipes. Lightly dust areas around windows and doors.
Carpet-Lightly dust carpeting, Rake the carpet nap back and forth allowing the powder to penetrate the rug. Leave overnight if possible. Clean or vacuum as usual, do not make a special effort to remove the dust in the rug.

Ingredients:  100% Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

For External Use Only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation should occur.

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