Shampoo Bar now has NEEM BARK added

Welcome to Spa Diggity Dog, all natural dog shampoo and skin care products for your best friend. Our Organic Dog Shampoo and Holistic Hot Spot Treatment contain only all natural botanical oils and herbs. Our all natural, holistic pet shampoo is fantastic for all grooming needs and when used with DermaDrops works synergistically for dogs with itchy, problem skin issues.

Our products are safe, simple and effective without the use of ANY Parabens, SLS, Petroleum Products or synthetics.

Many products claim to be “natural”, read their list of ingredients and you'll learn the truth! Know what you are putting on your dog. We have nothing to “hide” or mislead.

Spa Diggity Dog promotes pet health with natural products which contain only the purest “human” quality 100% natural oils, herbs and botanicals.

We feature Neem as an ingredient in all of our products. Neem is an herb that has a distinctive scent. Neem has excellent wound and skin healing properties and a mild desensitizing quality which can alleviate the itching and discomfort associated with skin conditions. Concentrated essential fatty acids in Neem help to restore moisture and elasticity to the skin, while aiding in the natural healing process. Neem has been used for treating a variety of skin conditions for thousands of years and many consider Neem to be superior to Aloe in its healing properties. Neem also alleviates pain associated with cuts, burns and skin irritations due to natural compounds resembling those found in aspirin. Neem can succeed where other compounds have failed.

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