Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives used in our products?
Absolutely None. 100% natural.

Is Neem safe?
is an herb that has been used medicinally for over 4500 years. is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Does Neem kill fleas and ticks?
We can't legally say it does or doesn't. We can say it's the only shampoo your dog should ever need.

Why isn't there more of a fragrance to the shampoo bars?
We do not use any artificial fragrances to make our shampoo more smell friendly. In fact, if a product smells too much you may be dealing with artificial ingredients.

How often can you bathe your dog using our shampoo?
As often as needed. The shampoo is gentle enough for everyday use.

Does the shampoo interfere with monthly topical flea control programs?
Our shampoo has a gentle coconut base that will not wash away topical spot-applied flea control products. Using our shampoo you may find no need for those toxic products anyway!  Our shampoo is safe for cats.

Should I store the shampoo bar a certain way?
We suggest you let the bar dry and store in the original a cool, dry place.

Why a shampoo bar instead of a liquid shampoo?
You can't it and it's more efficient at distributing shampoo evenly, especially under the belly.

What skin conditions is DermaDrops formulated to alleviate and how do I apply the drops? 

Apply several drops to the affected area (hot spots, scratches, scrapes, small cuts, insect bites, abrasions, skin rashes, dermatitis, lick granulomas and dry skin conditions), gently rub into several times daily or as needed.
If symptoms persist, please consult with your veterinarian.  Do NOT use DermaDrops on cats!

If my dog licks the area where I applied the DermaDrops will my dog get ill?
The DermaDrops formula is very bitter to discourage licking the area, if licking does occur our ingredients are non-toxic and no adverse effects should occur.

Should I store DermaDrops a certain way?
We suggest you store DermaDrops away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.

Are these products safe for humans?
Although made for pets all ingredients are human-grade, optimal quality.

How long does the shampoo bar last on average?
One bar lasts much longer than a standard bottle of liquid shampoo. No spills, no waste; much easier to apply and quick to rinse.

Can these products be used on cats?
Our shampoo bar is safe for cats. Please DO NOT use DermaDrops on your cat. The essential oils may have an adverse reaction.

I operate/own a pet store. How do I become a retailer?
Easy. Click here.