After a walk at the local park with its muddy trails and sandy beaches, our Siberian Husky, Meeka, loves being washed daily with Spa Diggity Dog's Neem and Aloe shampoo bar. We use it on her paws every day because it is so gentle. Her paws are cleaner and our house is cleaner. We haven't seen a tick or flea in quite awhile.


We love the product. Keep up the great work! Dee-Eastham, MA


Thank You so much for this product.
I have spent months healing my lakie terrier. He had terrible itching skin, he chewed himself raw., hairless. Vets visits that prescibed toxic meds (aloquel) ,I did not use on him, I researched changed his diet to raw food lamb , used coconut oil, probiotics,enzymes, bathed him once/twice a week , I finally found your product Spa Digitty Dog( Online ). Well the oil healed him and stopped the itching within a week, Thank you for produceing this wonderful natural product that works!!!
JoAnn S.



I want to tell you guys I really like the doggy soap it's the best I have used and Soli said so too.


Donna and Soli, Roanoke, VA



I recently bought and tried your Neem & Aloe Shampoo Bar. It is awesome. It lathers up right away. I didn't have to use tons of it, it smells good and Fritz, our dog, enjoyed bath time. I think I'll try to bathe him once a week this summer. He has real sensitive, itchy skin. Thanks!


Liz and Fritz, Mountain Rest, SC



I LOVE your products! I bought the bar soap at the Pet Fair. I finally had a chance to use it on my dogs, Sookie & Puggie and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Jan, Orlando Florida



My schnoodle's fur is the softest ever and she is releived from itching. Thanks for a great product!


Julie and Kitzee, Sarasota Florida



I was the recipient of your drawing this month. Thank you so much for the beautiful basket of bathing goodies. I've already given little Zola a bath using your wonderful shampoo. I really love it!


Lynda and Zola, Orlando Florida



I really can’t tell you both enough what a fabulous product you have – your Shampoo Bar is best on the market! Harley was plagued by an oil, odorous streak down his back. Despite vet workups and using a plethora of shampoos, we simply could not relieve the poor boy. Even after shampooing, that streak would be back within 24 hours. Since using the Shampoo Bar, his oily streak has not returned, and his coat looks great! Even my vet has commented on how stunning Harley looks and I’ve told him about your shampoo. Another plus is the ease of use, with my dogs, I am forever dropping shampoo bottles which roll out of reach, creating that eternal dilemma of how to grab the bottle, hold the dog in the tub, and not swamp the bathing area! With your bar, I can ensure that every part of their body is shampooed without wasting any product, and then it all rinses so clean! Thanks again! This is just what we need!
Hugs and scratches to your furkids – tell 46 hi for me!


Bev and Harley, Orlando Florida


I just wanted to say thank you very much for the DermaDrops oil for my baby. It worked on her tremendously!! It stoped her itching immediately and healed the irritated skin. Now her inner thighs are getting back to pinkish normal skin color.
I am telling my clients about it whose dogs are in similar situations like me.


Mikako, Orlando Florida


My little baby boy Kozi, a Jack Russel, had a rash on his belly as red as a tomato cause he'd gotten into something in the backyard. That afternoon I applied your product, DermaDrops, and when I returned late that same evening the rash was gone.
Thank you for your wonderful product.

Lorenn, Tampa Florida


My Lab mix, Maggie, has flea alergy dermititis and had lost most of her hair due to flea bites. Maggie was miserable: itching, scratching, biting and red all over. I used your shampoo, every other day for two weeks and applied DermaDrops daily she's no longer scratching and her hair is growing back. Of course I had to treat my home and yard for fleas but your shampoo killed the fleas on Maggie.
Thank you so much!

Lynne, Lakeland Florida



Spa Diggity Dog is a wonderful product. We tried the shampoo on our pup, Lola. The bar lathered much better than liquid shampoo and actually beaded off her fur when I rinsed her. Lola's coat was the softest and shinniest it has ever been! The shampoo also killed the few fleas on her! I highly recommend this product! It's all natural and works great.

Polly, Davenport Florida



The Neem & Aloe Shampoo bar keeps Maddy's coat shiny and beautiful! She smells fresh and clean for days. She was prone to dry skin prior to switching to the Neem & Aloe Shampoo bar, but that is no longer a problem. The fact that it is all natural is a huge plus! This is a quality product with ingredients that I seek out for shampoo for my own hair!

Melanie, Orlando Florida



When we rescued 'M,' she was only 5 weeks old, and covered in fleas and flea bites. She was too young for any flea treatment, but she was miserable. The Neem & Aloe Shampoo was life saver! The fleas disappeared, and her skin healed quickly. Since it is all natural, I had no reservations using it on my young kitten, and it made all the difference in the world.

Mike, Orlando Florida



I bathed our four large dogs this afternoon (smallest is 55 lbs). The soap lathers quickly and very evenly as opposed to liquid shampoos. One thing I don't like about liquids is having to either put it in your hand or squirting some on the pup to get things started. I always end up with a heavy concentration of lather at the starting point and less as I spread it around. With the DiggityDog Bar, I rub the bar over Rover evenly so all his little fur is evenly soaped. It takes much less time to apply, and rinses easily and quickly, which translates to less "wiggle" time for Fifi. The soap has a nice, light scent that doesn't overpower you or the dog. Kind of like Ivory Soap for humans. The light scent is a nice touch since a dog's nose is about 50 times more sensitive than ours and we have no guarantee that Rover and Fifi even like the smells of "Lemon Peppermint" or "Mountain Lavender." I would suggest that the soap bar come with, at a small additional cost, a logo’d, plastic soap container. The box fell apart when I put the damp bar back in it and a baggy seems like it would cause the soap to stay pretty soggy. I like the soap a lot....so does Lulu.

Emory and Susan (Bowser College), Orlando Florida



My wonderful Shepard, Max, will occasionally have problems with what I assume are "hot spots" where he will lick until the area is raw and the hair is gone. I have spent a lot of money trying everything out there to get him to stop licking and to heal the area when this occurs but nothing I found ever worked. The first time I used the Derma Drops, I have to admit I was amazed. I put a few drops on the area and he left it alone. After just a couple of treatments it was already healing. I am also comforted by the fact that this is a natural product and can't harm him. Now, if I see him beginning to lick at a spot I just put a few drops on right away and stops it before he gets started.
Thank you so much for introducing me to this product! I am definitely letting everyone I know in on the secret!

Celia, Orlando Florida



I just wanted to let the owner of this company know how great this shampoo bar is.
I have an American Bulldog and his name is Bubba. We were looking for a dog shampoo that works on fleas and his coat. We really couldn't find a shampoo that we liked then my friend Jasmin told me about your shampoo bar.
I took it home and gave it to my husband who said "this is a really good shampoo, we finally found the right shampoo." Bubba was so clean and happy, his coat is white and the fleas are dead!
This is the best dog shampoo ever, thanks so much for making it.


ZoeAnn and Bubba Orlando, FL